Banská Bystrica

The European Commission launched in 1999 a program supporting sports activities for all European Union citizens by the promoters of the Association of European Cities of Sport (ACES Europe). ACES Europe aim is to promote private and public events with the goal of promoting sport at local level.
Goals that ACES Europe monitors in cities that hold the title of European City of Sport are as follows:
the joy of exercise, self-discipline and desire to succeed, sense of community, learning fair play, improve the health of residents.
Banská Bystrica fulfilled all the criteria set by the Association of European Cities of Sport and on June 14, 2016 came letter from the president Gian Francesco Lupattelli, which confirmed award Banska Bystrica the European City of Sport 2017. From that date, our city became a member of the European family of sports cities.

Banská Bystrica is a city with a rich sporting tradition, often proved to be an excellent organizer of a number of top sporting events at European and global level. Year 2017 will fall mainly in sport and its promotion at the international and local level.

The title of European City of Sport means for Banska Bystrica

  • international recognition
  • visibility city
  • increase the level of sport and recreation policies around the city
  • the inclusion of the city in a network of places of sport in Europe and sharing of experiences among its members
  • participating in international sports events, congresses and conferences organized by ACES Europe and European cities of sport
  • get out to opportunities to various EU grants together with our twin cities